Pet Photography Services

On location at your home or a nearby park in St. Mary’s County
We capture the unique personality of your pet!

Our pets don't live forever even though we wish they lived longer. They learn all your habits and love you unconditionally. As my last dog developed a heart condition and graying fur, I felt desperate to photograph and videotape her to capture her personality and spirit. She was sweet and gentle and slowing down quickly. I did get my pictures, but not as many as I wanted.

How would you like to have professional-quality portraits of your beloved pet? We can set up a session in your home (where your pet is most comfortable) or in a local park. The cost is $50 for the session for a single pet, or $60 for two or three. We can include you in the portrait if you would like. The cost of printing is additional, and you can decide what sizes or types of prints or other photo products (T-shirts, mugs, etc) after we show you the proofs. There is no minimum order.

At Calm Reflections Photography, we photograph your pet where he or she is most comfortable, at your home or a local park in St. Mary's County. We usually include photos of your pet interacting with you and your family and hope our photos bring a smile to your face for years to come. You get to have fun sharing time with your pet during our photo session and when possible, we like to add in a little humor too. Please contact us to reserve your photo session today and tell us about your pet's favorite pastimes.

Advice for a Pet Photo Session

Clean your pet or have it groomed a day or two before your photo session. Especially check around the eyes and ears on the day of your session. Brushing the coat and checking the teeth is helpful. If your pet is energetic, take a long walk before your session. Bring your pet's favorite treats (small soft treats are best) or toys, and a squeaky toy. Have a leash handy. Here's a more detailed article about preparing for a pet photo session.

Services are provided in St. Mary's County MD only. Contact us to request a photo session.